Chips, deep-fried and crunchy, coated in Cajun spice and sea salt, are irresistible. Dipped in sweet chili sauce, you have the makings of something truly delicious. But turning on our deep fryer for the first time in our new kitchen, seeing the oil bubble up and almost overflow was a nerve-racking experience. Now, after quite a few practices the deep fryer has been tamed.

Our pizza is made with ‘OO’ flour, melted parmesan, salami, homemade tomato sauce, and topped with basil.


For the past year or so the kitchen space had been a dank, oil-coated room with rusted shelving and peeling laminated cupboards. It was where our junk went. But in May, we called in the builders, to rip out the shelving, sink, and old extractor. They then re-tiled the walls before installing a new extractor, stainless steel benches, deep fryer, and pizza oven. The shoebox-size of the kitchen space needed an IKEA designer to make it work- but it was just me and Jess tossing around ideas. Yet, somehow it works. It’s a great space to cook.

Tiling, stainless steel benches, and extractor installed


Over the past month, we have been trialing a range of dishes including Cajun fries, vegan chili, pizza, and now pasta. Because of our limited license (we are in a residential area) we are restricted in how much cooked food we can offer but hope to put out a limited menu next week once the final touches to the kitchen are made (including an extra bench, as well as a gas cooktop).

Penny munching on La Nini hot dog


Stay tuned.