It’s already been a year since the tariff increase on Australian wines was introduced here in China. And La Nini Deli has been open for 12 months! Our storeroom looks pretty much the same except there are a few more wines from New Zealand, Chile, and France on the shelves. Lately, though, we have been running out of some Australian wines and haven’t been able to re-stock. It’s a kind of a paradox- we need to sell our stock to make money, but at the same time trying to stretch out our stock of Aussie wines to last as long as possible.

La Nini counter collection

Over the past year, we also started to import wines from New Zealand (Richmond Plains) and have started discussions with a French winery to bring in some southern Rhone vino.

La Nini Deli in Autumn

La Nini Deli has become an important part of the business. The shopfront enables us to display and sell our wines by the glass or by the bottle. Friday nights have become a bit of a thing with expats and locals popping in after work for drinks and a bite to eat. I have taken on the role of cook, making soups, spaghetti, and pizzas, whilst Jess is in front of house as the barista and panini maker.